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         What are the best:
                     metasearch engines?
                     ways to search the web?
                     ways to the invisible web?
ways to the dark web?
                     ways to ask questions?
                     single search engines?

       See my answers below 
                  About Metasearch Resources

Metasearch Engines   

Etools.ch: gets results from 16 search engines with good privacy.

Info.com: gets results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex

Ixquick.com: powerful + private metasearch (10+ search engines).

Izito.com: gets results from 6 popular search engines.   Home

Searching the Web   

The best general way (there is no one best way) to search the visible web
is through a good metasearch engine (ex.

The best way to research a specific topic: use a specialized search engine
sites with indexes (directories/gateways) related to your topic.  Home 


Invisible Web Resources

                               Invisible Web    

Information on the invisible web is invisible unless you know where to
find it. The amount of information on the invisible web is 100s (maybe 1000s)
of times larger than what's available on the visible web. Most of it is not visible
to single or meta search engines (Ref).
Non-encrypted parts of the invisible web are often accessed through
sites having topic indexes pointing to specific directories/gateways.  Home 

Beaucoup.com: results from 2500+ sources with good privacy.

People.hws.edu: many gateways (ex. Beaucoup) to invisible web.   


Encrypted Dark Web  Resources

The "dark" web, loosely defined, refers to those parts of the invisible web that are encrypted and sometimes used for illegal activity. The "dark" web can only be accessed by special software (ex.
TOR, Freenet, I2P). You can start exploring the dark web using the links below. To remain anonymous you can run TOR through a good VPN server.   Home  

Onion.to: non-anonymous gateway to TOR onion network.

Ahmia: search TOR hidden services. Install TOR to use services.

DeepWebLinks: TOR accessible list of onion links.

TOR: install TOR to anonymously use the hidden onion network.

TOR based Searches: search engines accessed via TOR.

More Deep Web Sites: "deep" (dark) web links.   Home 

Best Q&A Search Engines

Q&A engines - ask questions directly and get "expert" answers 

Ask: Answers traditional as well as math and other questions.

Answers: Provides Wiki style answers. Most popular Q&A site.

Quora: Answers to many questions and topics. Must be registered.

Stack Exchange: Expert answers. You must register.   Home

Best Single Search Engines

Google: Single search engine king. Does 74.6 - 64.4% of all searches.

Bing: Does 19.7% - 12.6% of all searches.

Yahoo: Does 13% - 10.7% of all searches (Ref).    Home


     As a former software engineer I appreciate time saving tools.  I found the metasearch
     engines and the other links on  this page to be helpful.  I prefer
metasearch engines
     that get results from many sources and offer different types of searches (images,
     jobs etc.) with good privacy. I will update this site as needed.
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Below are technical books about search engines and popular books about the dark web.  Images below link to Amazon.

Search Engine Information Retrieval      Information Retrieval     Dark Web Black Book     The Dark Web    Tor and the Dark Web

There are many sites where you can submit your website to search engines for free.  Below are two such sites.        

 Free Search Engine Submission      Free Search Engine Submission
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